User manual


If there’s something you’d like to do that isn’t well-explained by the user manual, please file an issue on GitHub.

The User Manual is divided into four sections:

  1. Tutorials are step-by-step examples to get you started using Cytoflow. They include both some basic tutorials as well as examples of some more advanced analyses.

  2. HOWTOs are “recipes” – step-by-step guides to accomplish a particular task. They are a little higher-level than the tutorials.

  3. Guides help you understand some of the principles Cytoflow is based on and some subtler points about using it to analyze flow cytometry data. They can help you use Cytoflow more effectively!

  4. Reference documents for each operation and view in Cytoflow. These are the same documents that appear in the Help pane in the user interface.

There are also a few odds and ends: