Welcome to Cytoflow’s developer documentation!

I want to use Cytoflow’s modules in my own cytometry analysis

Great! May I recommend you start with some example Jupyter notebooks. They provide a good introduction to both basic modules and some of Cytoflow’s more advanced features.

If you decide you want to have a go, see the installation notes. Quick hint: if you have a working Python v3.4 development environment, say pip install cytoflow to install the latest package from the Python Package Index.

For more details of these modules, you’re likely to want to see the module documents

I want to help develop Cytoflow.

Hooray! Have a look at the install documentation for how to get the source code installed. Then, have a look at the design docs, the (more or less up-to-date) TODO, and the new modules documentation. Finally, subscribe to the cytoflow-dev mailing list for updates, discussion, etc.